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Apple MAC Security Fact Check

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There’s a been a rumor for quite some time that MAC’s can’t be infected by viruses and malware. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this is completely false information. Read on to find out why!

Apple had a very successful campaign back in 2006 with the “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” campaign […]

Computer Maintenance – Dusting and Cleaning

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Computer can sometimes be compared to automobiles. They do not share a lot of aspects but they do share a couple of important things and one of them is regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their optimal performance and stability.

Your car needs to have all of it’s fluids and oil changed every once in […]

Why, and How to Clean Your Graphics Card (GPU)

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If you have ever built your own computer or cleaned out your computer you should be aware that cleaning your computer from dust is a very important task that should be performed often to maximize the performance of your system. Dust can slow impede airflow which will impede your CPU and GPU from cooling […]

How to find your Private / Local / IPv4 network address on Windows 10

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You can’t watch your videos, message family and friends and can’t get your email? Oh no! It seems that your internet connection has gone down!

You call up your internet service provider and demand answers as to why your connection is suddenly not working. They assure you that there are no currently known issues, and […]