PC Turnaround was created by a certified computer repair technician who is tired of bigger companies ripping off their customers with incredibly steep support prices, subscription based schemes, and improper repair routines. Some of these companies had a very bad reputation which ended up requiring them to change their name in order to stay in business.

During my time working with some of these companies, I noticed improper use of pre-built scripts (which aren’t always bad) which would run into issues quite often. The techs, not knowing much about the computer to begin with; simply froze when these scripts had problems. In turn, wasting not only their time, but the customers time as well. Being incompetent while repairing a computer can have disastrous results. This is something that PC Turnaround will never do. We value our time and we know you value your time as well; therefore we will provide the best support when it comes to repairing your computer, servers and mobile devices.

At PC Turnaround we only hire certified technicians and computer experts to handle all of your computer needs.

PC Turnaround also offers: electronics repair, cell phone and tablet repair, computer repair, circuit board repair, data recovery, networking and web development contracts.

To you, from all of us at PC Turnaround – Thank you and have a great day!

CEO of PC Turnaround