What is EOS?

Let’s talk about EOS.

What is EOS?
The EOS blockchain is a smart contract platform built on top of C++ which is an excellent computer language for speed, precision, and scalability (if implemented properly).

In my opinion?
I think that EOS is a different look at how blockchains are currently operating in the world, a new take […]

What is a Crypto Currency and Crypto Commodity?

This is an introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, and crypto commodities. Lets dive in!

What is a crypto currency?

Back in 2008 – 2009 the USA economy took a gigantic hit and it collapsed the stock market. You may think this only impacted the USA but in reality it collapsed the economy in other countries […]

Apple MAC Security Fact Check

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There’s a been a rumor for quite some time that MAC’s can’t be infected by viruses and malware. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this is completely false information. Read on to find out why!

Apple had a very successful campaign back in 2006 with the “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” campaign […]

Computer Maintenance – Dusting and Cleaning

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Computer can sometimes be compared to automobiles. They do not share a lot of aspects but they do share a couple of important things and one of them is regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their optimal performance and stability.

Your car needs to have all of it’s fluids and oil changed every once in […]

Why, and How to Clean Your Graphics Card (GPU)

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If you have ever built your own computer or cleaned out your computer you should be aware that cleaning your computer from dust is a very important task that should be performed often to maximize the performance of your system. Dust can slow impede airflow which will impede your CPU and GPU from cooling […]

How to find your Private / Local / IPv4 network address on Windows 10

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You can’t watch your videos, message family and friends and can’t get your email? Oh no! It seems that your internet connection has gone down!

You call up your internet service provider and demand answers as to why your connection is suddenly not working. They assure you that there are no currently known issues, and […]

Google – “There has been a change to your account” notification plagues Android users

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It seems that google has recently pushed out an update that has affected EVERYONE with a Gmail account and an Android smartphone.

The notifications come from an update that aims to make 2 step authentication more secure for users. Instead it seems to have scared a very large amount of google users as they think […]

Samsung lets you unlock any Windows 10 PC using a Galaxy fingerprint reader

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Samsung is planning to expand its Flow Android app to support any Windows 10. Samsung first introduced the ability to unlock its Windows 10-powered Galaxy TabPro S with a Samsung Flow app for Android last year. You simply use the fingerprint reader on a compatible Galaxy smartphone to unlock the Windows 10 tablet.

Sammobile reports […]

China’s first ‘deep learning lab’ challenges the US in artificial intelligence race

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Beijing has given the green light for the creation of China’s very first ‘national laboratory for deep learning’, in a move that could help the country to surpass the United States in developing artificial intelligence (AI).
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently approved the plan to set up a national engineering ‘lab’ for […]

How to Set Up Whole-House Audio on the Cheap with Google Chromecast

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Chrome cast audio players have been available for quite some time but it’s been a bit confusing as to how to use them. We hope to help you energize your home with great music with your existing audio setup today.

Preparation is key to this project

You will need a Chromecast Audio player per speaker system […]