Microsoft bundles spying bloatware with windows 10

Windows 10 has been around for quite some time. You may not have noticed anything wrong with the OS if you’re a typical user. Power users such as Barnacules an ex-Microsoft employee explains how Microsoft has bundled bloatware software onto your windows 10 enabled computer.

That’s fine and dandy as most computer manufacturers such as HP and Dell bundle additional software onto your computer on a regular basis. However this is much much different. Microsoft has a background service enabled which could be potentially looked at as a “virus” which re-downloads the bloatware software AFTER you have installed it.

In the video below Barnacules explains how you can remove this service and then safely remove these bloatware applications which may not only be slowing down your computer but also gathering your information and reporting it back to Microsoft or other sources such as.. the government? – this is just speculation but you never know.


Start > apps & features

You will see a lot of 3rd party applications that are already installed on your computer without your knowledge


start > type regedit – ENTER

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > ContentDeliveryManager

Here double click on “SilentInstalledAppsEnabled” – Change the value data from 1 to 0 and click “OK”


Remove all of the additional bloatware that you did not install on your computer and Microsoft installed on your computer.


Windows 10 has been free to everyone simply because Microsoft has been collecting your data. Similar to how Facebook and Google collect all of your usage online.

Solution: DestroyWindowsSpying

This application will limit how much data Microsoft collects and can also create rules to prevent the data from being sent back to Microsoft.

PC Turnaround is aware of these issues and these are standard things which will be checked and dealt with with our standard PC  Cleanup and Optimization






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