Why, and How to Clean Your Graphics Card (GPU)

If you have ever built your own computer or cleaned out your computer you should be aware that cleaning your computer from dust is a very important task that should be performed often to maximize the performance of your system. Dust can slow impede airflow which will impede your CPU and GPU from cooling down. In such an event your computer might slow down due to thermal impedance.

Cleaning your computer from dust is something that should be done on a regular basis anywhere between three to six months. However are you aware that your GPU or graphics processing unit also known as your Graphics card is something that should be cleaned out separately to prevent issues related to dust as well as condensation.

Condensation can build up on your GPU over time. Dust will build up on your system as well. The mixture of these two can have catastrophic effects on your computer which can lead to not booting issues, short circuits and other issues that could render your system unstable or completely unusable.

Check out the video below to see how you should service your GPU for optimum performance and stability from your computer.





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